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Toby Gibson

Misty Mountains
Toby is a thoughtful song-writer, who sticks to his roots. His authenticity and unique style results in a deep fusion of old school country and rock with hints of gospel and even some old time thrown in. His lyrics are both catchy and well-crafted. And, folks can hear a unique blend of influence in his guitar style, which is full, well-practiced, and rich. Toby is an experienced performer, talented musician, and powerful writer who combines these assets in an easy fashion that results in a thoroughly entertaining show

Candy Durman 

Lakeway Arts and Entertainment Magazine

Toby Gibson hails from Sneedville, Tennessee, where he learned picking and singing in his grandparent’s living room.  Various local bluegrass musicians joined Toby’s grandfather and young Toby quickly learned to love music from its very roots of Bluegrass, county, soul and honky tonk.  These influences are strong in his solo album, “Dirt Road.”   Toby’s music, both his playing and writing is greatly defined by some of his musical heroes, Scott Miller, Bob Dylan, and Tyler Childers.  If you listen closely you may hear a riff or a line that links his music with theirs.


The Toby Gibson Band is an energetic group of fun talented musicians bringing folk, bluesy, jam based sound. Austin Greene, of Sneedville, TN, captures the feelings in his electric guitar to bring you solo's that touch you way down deep in your gut. Alex Greene, of Sneedville, TN, keeps the rhythm rolling along on his drums. Ian Davidson, of Morristown, TN, brings a groovy vibe that is the backbone of their music.  Together they blend together into a unique Appalachian/Melungeon sound.  This band does not disappoint.

You may catch The Toby Gibson Band at Capone's, Hollywood Hillbilly, The Big Stone Gap General Store and Café and many other fun venues.  A sample of Toby’s music can be found on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms. If you are interested in booking The Toby Gibson Band, please contact them at  No venue is too big or too small.

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